No need to berate yourself. No need to criticise. No need to blame. No need for shame or judgement. There simply is no need for anything. There is only love…YOU! You are the epitome of Divine Love from which you came.

Make 2013 THE year where you are kind and gentle to yourself. As you would hold a newborn child so delicately and lovingly, treat yourself the same way. You are incredibly beautiful and amazing. You are the light itself!

You are so loved and so precious to our world. You came for a reason. Live that reason and be a catalyst of love through which the Creator can continuously express itself and see how your world explodes into joy and true meaning! Become so very alive and enriched with love!

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About Sandy Hounsell

My speciality is turning your pain into power...

Since 2001 I have been helping transform women’s and men’s lives in healing the trauma experienced through abuse, by dissolving the root cause and the manifestation of those experiences like unhealthy relationships, anxiety, depression, self sabotaging behaviours, repetitive patterns that has disconnected you, from the Real You...Read More >

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