Our thoughts reflect out into our world what is going on inside each one of us, and in that way thoughts are a living extension of you and I, which can create a peaceful, fruitful life or one full of obstacles. That is unless we gain control over our thinking and more importantly what is drove those thoughts and where they really came from.

Every experience grows you. With each experience you come closer to knowing who you are. We are not separate to that which occurs around us. We are all an intrinsic part. In every moment you and I are creating. As we think, so we create an energy that brings into being, that thought. That thought, which we have just created, is alive. It has life and goes on to create situations and experiences.

So where will that thought go? What will it do? Will it develop love and understanding? Will it blossom lovingly and bear fruit filled with compassion? Or will it be destructive and bring feelings of isolation and alienation? Will that thought, grow you and any other? What do you want your thoughts to do?

As that thought projects the energy, with that which brought it into being, out into the universe, it can be injected with either a positive or a negative charge. It’s our choice. After all,  we gave it birth. It is of our making. We own it. We are responsible for its creation and its journey, to wherever it goes, and to whom it travels. .

When we take full ownership of our thoughts by paying attention to our thinking, we become very aware of whether or not they are destructive or creative. We begin to develop a greater insight as to what is going on within our own minds. This enhances our ability to make wiser choices, because we have become more aware.

If we then want to take this wonderful learning further, we can. How? By teaching our self to only think loving positive thoughts. And you may be surprised as to just how easy that is to do.  Practice; what have you are I got to lose?

We are of love. We are created from the mind and heart of pure unselfish compassionate love. I believe therefore, that we are all capable of enabling the expression of that love to easily flow from our lips, and our heart as we inter-act with one another. Where there is intent, love will grow. It will flow unceasingly as we practice using the mind and voice of the Source of all creation to guide us on our journey of life.

Think about what you do. Think about what you say. Think about what thoughts flow through your mind. Ask where they come from. Ask if they come from love or from fear. Become aware and come awake to the greatest gift of all. YOU!

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