Do you ever feel so overwhelmed or stressed that you can’t think straight?  Do you have days when your mind feels so cluttered that you can’t fit in another chore, project or appointment even if you wanted to?

When our minds are filled with worry, stress and overwhelm, we operate from an emotional part of our mind that prevents us from making decisions or taking actions that serve our best interest. It is easy to lose confidence during stressful times. We just don’t know which way to turn.

Experiences of stress and feeling overwhelm can happen at any time in our life. It serves us well to take steps to calm ourselves during these times.

Here are some useful tips:

1. Stop and take stock.  Even though you may be having a bad day or even a bad week, you can think of many people and things you are grateful for. Focusing on those we love and what is good in our lives is a powerful way of controlling our body’s response to stress and keeping things in check.

2. Breathe deeply and slowly with focus. This ancient practice instantly reduces stress and allows us to tap into our creative energy.  And from our creative resources, we can find the solutions we need.

3. Know what you can influence and assist without being controlling and that which is outside of your immediate sphere. Make of list of the things that overwhelm you. After you do, put a check by the things you can  influence. Review the other things on your list and acknowledge that you cannot control these items. When you do that, commit to letting them go and trusting in the divine to guide you.

4. Connect into your Soul by focusing on your heart and seeing a rose there. Breathing deeply as you go into the rose and seat yourself in the centre. See your self moving into the white light and breathing that light in. As you calm your self ask your Soul to enter into your mind and relax all of your body and especially your mind.  As you speak to your Soul ask that you draw on your infinite loving power to fill you with calm and peace and to gain insight as to why you are feeling overwhelmed. You may find that you inner child requires some of your loving attention.

5. Daily communion with your Soul. Speak to your Soul daily. It  is your  ultimate guide who will always assist you with whatever you require. Daily communion opens the doors of your mind to trust, to detach and be present with who you are.

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