I simply see us all as a microcosm of the Creator God/Source, whatever name you use for that creator of all life forms. So you too are a creator and all that we are in life we create from our selves. We are the source of our own universe, our very own world.  You are therefore, not your mind, not your emotions or your physical body. You are Source/Soul.

So if you can accept that thought, even for a moment, you can see that our thoughts are generated from within us. Either from our conscious mind or from our unconscious mind which is a storehouse of all our experiences in our current lifetime. The subconscious mind accepts everything that is put there without reasoning or judgement. That’s the role our conscious minds perform. Our unconscious thinking, or automatic thinking, comes mostly from our conditioning that has helped to create our beliefs. It is our beliefs that carve out our personal world. They are therefore an important contributing factor that also require our attention. Often those unconscious thoughts that cause us to re-act, have strong emotions attached to them that we may or may not fully understand. In fact we may not be consciously aware until a certain thing is said, or we find our self in a particular situation and suddenly all these emotions well up inside, and we tumble self out of control, feeling afraid or re-acting out of character.

Our thinking process and the thoughts that flow in and out of our mind have their basis in our upbringing, from our genetic and ancestral traits imprinted in our DNA, from past experiences and even from our time in the womb. Those thoughts help to carve out the perception that we have about our selves. Subsequent beliefs and fears borne out of our individual environments also affect our thoughts, where are thinking may err more on the negative fearful thinking patterns as opposed to positive, uplifting ones. Added to that, we also exist in a very noisy world which further impacts on our ability to maintain a sense of inner silence, where we can be alone with our thoughts and come to better understand what is driving their behaviour.

If we are fearful we are too easily distracted by outside, mainly because we are all searching for acceptance and to feel safe; safe to just be our selves. Being vulnerable in this way our minds can overfill with fearful thinking, where we are searching for a way out, or always questioning with a ‘what if’, constantly in a stae of flux. We become like the mouse continually running around inside his wheel unable to stop. The very momentum of the wheel forces it to continually roll forward and he is unable to jump out. Or it feels as if our mind is stuck, like the record playing the same tune over and over again.

Thoughts of this nature can turn into habits which then drive our behaviours. We perpetuate those behaviours tying in the very thoughts we want to get rid of. They then morph into subconscious habits and around and around we go.

So if your mind is spinning, being invaded by what feels uncontrolled thoughts don’t despair as you have a great tool at your disposal to help fix the problem.

Where our thinking is creates negative energy our ability to manifest a more joyful existence is greatly inhibited. By having control over negative thinking we can literally change our lives around. Like attracts like. When we think positively, we develop a more positive outlook and this is what forms the basis of a more joyful, self-fulfilling life. Our outlook is literally lifted to a more higher vibration of energy. What we put out, we receive; and we find ourselves creating an environment that is energised with joy and is hence more self nurturing.

Negative thinking takes us on a spiral of inward self absorption where, in order to rationalise our behaviour and convince ourself that its OK to be this way, we often find ourselves blaming, judgeing and critising others.

So How Do You Get Back In Control?

Well here are a few things you can practice that will yield wonderful results.

1. First you need to recognise what you are thinking, what your particular beliefs are, and how you react to situations and those around you. It is easier to recognise the conscious thoughts as they roll around inside. You know that you are thinking certain thoughts at certain times ie. you have conscious recognition. Those reactive thoughts in your subconscious, and in your DNA need a little more work to uncover.

When you are working with your journal… ask yourself:-

– Where will that thought go?

– What will that thought do?

– Will it develop love and understanding?

– Will it blossom lovingly and bear fruit filled with compassion?

– Or will it create confusion, feelings of isolation and be destructive.

– Will that thought, grow me and any other person?

Then Ask Yourself – What do I want my thoughts to do?

1. The energy that brings your thoughts into being, can either project your thoughts out into your world with a either a positive or a negative charge. It’s your choice. Afterall’, you gave it birth. It is of your making. You own it. You are responsible for its creation and its journey, to wherever it goes, and to whom it travels.

2. Take full ownership of your thoughts by paying attention to your thinking. As when you do so you become very aware of whether or not they are destructive or creative. You begin to develop a greater insight as to what is going on within your mind. This enhances your ability to make wiser choices, because you simply are more aware and becoming observant.

3. If we then want to take this wonderful learning further, we can. How? By teaching our self to only think loving positive thoughts. And you may be surprised as to just how easy that is to do.

An easy way to do this is that every thought that travels into your mind that is not loving, catch it. Do not let it fulfill its journey. Dissolve it in your heart and replace it with a loving, positive thought instead. You can say this out loud or say it in your heart.

This does takes practice. But the beautiful thing about energy infused with love, is that it grows very quickly and becomes all expansive and far reaching. In other words, it does not take long before you find that this new habit becomes just that, and your mind clears.

By detaching from the ingrained habit will not only teach you to see more clearly, but also assist in developing a relationship with yourself, which is vital to your wellbeing, if you want to experience your truest loving self.

As you begin to see through the fog and disarray, you will discover that you have a choice. You will see that you can indeed gain back control of your mind and behaviours. You will be able to see how you can utilise your energies by focussing on a more self nurturing and self fulfilling endeavour. With clarity you put yourself in a stronger position. From a position of strength you are able to make a conscious decision to change. Positive change empowers you even more.

When we change the way we think consciously, no longer acting or thinking on automatic pilot, we can have a life of joy, health, success and abundance. If we don’t take control of our thoughts and our beliefs, and the resultant action of those thoughts, we do not have control of our lives. ?

Thoughts built on love grow rapidly, expanding our consciousness in all directions. It can, at times, feel like a floodgate has opened. Or that a door has fallen off its hinges and we are flying out of the cage. Flying free! Love has this affect and even more so when we hear our soul and consciously choose to seek out love as a way of resolving conflict.

Whether that conflict is internal or an external experience or both. As we ask our soul to show us how to treat and resolve any issue with compassion, we create a win-win outcome for everyone involved.

Here are 6 more tips to help you:


1. Don’t give up or despair, keep bringing your mind and feelings back to one of trust, love and positive outcomes and stay focussed, don’t let anything distract you and as you get stronger at this you will find only loving thoughts flow to yourself and everyone and every situation.

2. Don’t act like you always do, create a different thought and act upon it

3. Stay focused on what you desire. Write it down. Don’t just think about it.

4. When you feel like you may be feeling sorry for yourself, tell yourself how incredibly magnificent you are and you are more worthy than feeling miserable.

5. Think about what you do. Think about what you say. Think about what thoughts flow through your mind. Ask where they come from. Ask if they come from love or from fear. Become aware and come awake to the greatest gift of all. YOU!

6. Don’t think of anything negative for 3 days.

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