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Treatment of Anxiety without medication: Anxiety can take many different forms and be different from person to person.

It can manifest itself in your life in different ways – for example through panic attacks, anxiety attacks, relationship issues, limiting beliefs, stress at work, money issues, post-traumatic stress, social anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) or other forms of anxiety individual to you. Relationship issues and anxiety often go hand in hand. 

I have been successfully helping clients heal anxiety without medication for over 16 years. 

I have a proven healing system and work through a process with you to become anxiety free forever.

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What is anxiety?
Relationship Anxiety
Self Esteem issues self love and self worth
Financial Anxiety
Panic Attack treatment without medication gold coast
Treatment of Depression without medication Gold Coast, Brisbane and internationally
Part of me is missing
Other Anxiety

Is it time to get your life back for good?

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Some Testimonials for Sandy’s treatment of anxiety without medication

To put it simply Sandy has changed my life.

I truly believe I couldn’t have become the person I now am without the sheer determination and complete trust and support of this amazing woman. You have been blessed if you ever get the opportunity to change your life with Sandy Hounsell.

Diana GC

Working through Sandy’s Anxiety Free Forever program has enhanced my life.  I recommend her Treatment For Anxiety.


Sincerely, Louise R

You changed my life … Day after day, miracle after miracle and now, today I AM perfect emotional health. So tomorrow, I can be anything of my own choosing. … To the reader; what an opportunity you now have, I am very excited.

With love for you Sandy,

Mitchell Ferguson

Last week I had a deeply healing session with the ever beautiful Sandy Tashi Hounsell…

Sandy quickly uncovered what was REALLY making me feel anxious, overwhelmed, and tied down … and then healed it!

I recommend and will recommend her to anyone looking for a major breakthrough in their business or relationships- simply amazing.

Thank you Sandy! I am forever grateful. ♥

J Mayers, Business Coach USA

Through Sandy’s insights I realised that I was focusing so much on saving energy so that I could cope with social interactions, that I was actually expending energy and depleting my energy in this process. Sandy helped me to change my outlook so that I sought energy at the source of all energy, and thereby relinquished the need to focus upon saving and conserving my energy sources.

I am profoundly grateful to Sandy to facilitating this process of awareness. She has access to insights that I have not come across before. As well, she is a warm and accepting person with whom one can feel at home upon a first meeting.


Cindy GC

About Sandy Hounsell

My speciality is turning your pain into power...

Since 2001 I have been helping transform women’s and men’s lives in healing the trauma experienced through abuse, by dissolving the root cause and the manifestation of those experiences like unhealthy relationships, anxiety, depression, self sabotaging behaviours, repetitive patterns that has disconnected you, from the Real You...Read More >

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