What is anxietyWhat is Anxiety?

According to the Oxford dictionary, Anxiety is “A feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome.”

Everyone experiences anxiety differently and it manifests itself in many ways. For example you may experience depression, relationship issues, financial stress, panic attacks, self love issues or other types of anxiety.

This Anxiety Free Quiz may help you understand better your own experience of anxiety.

Where Anxiety Comes from

Anxiety is usually a learned behaviour that we’ve grown up with. We’re at our most vulnerable when we’re young, because we’re dependent on others to take care of our needs and nurture our sense of worth and self-esteem. Up until the age of seven, our minds are like sponges, and we believe everything we see and hear to be true. So when negative comments or behaviours are directed our way, our self worth and self-esteem is gradually eroded, leaving us feeling stressed and unsafe.

Why it’s Important not to Ignore Anxiety

what-is-anxiety-why-its-important-not-to-ignore-you-identify-issues-that-need-to-be-addressed-like-a-sports-injuryAnxiety is often considered to be a flaw or weakness, or even something slightly shameful that needs to be suppressed.

Sufferers try to distract themselves from it by staying busy, pushing themselves harder, or self-medicating with alcohol or drugs. Consequently these emotions aren’t adequately addressed – and so they eventually cause even greater emotional and physical challenges.

Yet anxiety serves an important function. In the same way physical pain calls our attention to an injury or issue with the body, anxiety can be a symptom of deeper emotional and mental wounds caused by unresolved traumas, self – sabotaging patterns or limiting beliefs.  So for that reason it’s really important to better understand and deal with any anxiety you might be experiencing.

The Long Term Effects of Ignoring Anxiety

When you ignore anxiety, to counter the feelings of insecurity, our mind steps in and pushes uncomfortable feelings away. These feelings get buried deep in our subconscious.

Over time, this practice becomes habitual. However by ignoring our anxious feelings, we deny ourselves the opportunity to properly express and dissolve them. This in turn adds strength to their hold over us, and they take greater control of our thinking, further influencing our perceptions. Buried emotions can wreak havoc – especially during stressful situations. Whether it’s a job interview, closing a business deal, or signing up new clients, anxiety jumps in to grab your attention, because it’s still sitting there in the subconscious  mind. Anxiety creeps in when it is least expected, and makes you feel vulnerable and unsafe, like you just want to curl up and hide.

How to deal with Anxiety

Having an understanding of where anxiety comes from is the key to loosening its hold over you.

Once you can free your mind, you can transform your emotions, and those fearful feelings can be dissolved for good. In their place, space is created for more uplifting, joyful feelings that give your life greater balance, purpose and meaning.

It is easy to say this, harder to do.

I have been successfully helping clients heal anxiety without medication for over 16 years.

I have a proven healing system and work through a process with you to become anxiety free forever.

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