When darkness falls we rise like a falling star..

We can and do rise above what at first might feel like an impossibility. Our Soul is always there ready to guide us out of our unhappiness

I find that many people seek my help for eliminating anxiety is when they feel that they have had enough and they cannot carry on living the same way anymore. Some people are the they depth of despair feeling as if their life is losing all meaning and purpose, with a constant swirl of inwardly spiralling thoughts and scenarios of “what-if”. Where their fears play out, drumming up visions of the worst possible outcomes. You may wonder, as they often do, as to why they have left it so long before asking for help. Thinking, that surely they would have put their hand up before now realising that things were only getting worse. Many believe that when you are so far down there is no way up, or that coming out can take a very long time and will be extremely painful.

Having been in that position myself more than once in my life and consciously using the experiences to understand why I took myself into these dark places, what I was looking for; and being able to navigate my way out feeling stronger and more together than when I fell into despair and depression, gave me great insight into the connection between our minds, our body and our soul.

That part of me I always thought of as my channel to God who would answer my prayers of help, I came to realise was my soul. Still a spark of God’s creation of course but it took on a whole new meaning for me. It was me, hit me hard in the face when I thought of ending it. When those thoughts of death entered my mind, my soul shot up in from of me, shining so bright I immediately felt incredible peace. All thought of dying disappeared in an instant. I felt a stirring, a warmth spreading through me, like I was being connected in some way.  All the dots were being connected back up again, just like in the drawings. I could see myself fitting back together again. I was aware there was a lot of muck in there that had to go and would need my loving attention in order to heal. But I had this sense of knowing my way back out.

I asked so I received:

I sent many days in meditation and prayer asking that all that I needed to understand at that time so I could get back to myself, were given to me in a way that I would understand more about the soul and how it integrates itself into our human consciousness, emotions and physical body. This I felt, would give me insight into the road map I needed to get back.

Sure enough as I asked, so I was given the understanding along with the guidance of what self healing was required. I was also shown that the more work I did on myself on an ongoing basis, the more I would come to know the soul and healing through soul integration.   I used to call it “soul awakening”, but soul integration better describes the process of healing and inner transformation that occurs at the deepest level, at the core of our being. Unless we are without cracks at our core, we will continue to see life and therefore experience it, as a series of issues, hurdles and situations to overcome. Thus creating struggle  and disharmony

In that dark place we are very strong:

What I learnt, which is what I also teach through the healing process that in that dark place we are very strong. When we are desperate, we are vulnerable and open. If we ask for help from God, Universe, what ever name you use, we open to the strongest part of ourselves, our soul. We actually create space, opening a door in our minds whereby the soul can flow in and reconnect those parts of ourselves that have become disconnected. And so we begin not only to come out of the darkness but we also begin our journey back home to our true self. I am not talking of dying in order to  experience our true self, our divine self. We don’t have have to pass through that door in order to experience bliss and freedom and a knowing of who we really are and that we are limitless. We can do this during our human experience, now!

Our soul knows no fear or limitation, only love. And it gently and lovingly guides us along that path if we are open to listening.

If you are ready to be liberated from emotional turmoil, experince true relationship harmony and balance , and have a future of unlimited success that you truly deserve, then


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