Understand The Feeling:

When you want to understand where a feeling is coming from or why you are experiencing it, like sadness for example sit quietly, connect to your heart and go into the feeling. Don’t put it on, as when putting on a coat, just attach to it via your heart. If it helps see a beautiful rose fully opened in your heart and sit in its centre.

Follow the feeling it with your mind, whilst staying centered in your heart and that way you get to observe from a distance of love.

As you follow the feeling know that you are safe and the answers will come as to where this feeling is coming from, why it is there what your Soul is wanting you to take notice of and where you can take action to create change.

Take note of any thoughts that spring up as you wander with the feeling. Don’t judge or pre-suppose, just follow and listen.

You will come full circle ie. back to your true self the more you practice as you have all the answers within.  Cool eh!

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