Where Do Our Beliefs Come From?

Theta_Healing_Gold_Coast_Origins_of_our_beliefsOur belief patterns have a profound effect on our bodies, our health, our well-being, as well as on our ability to progress in life. We are consciously aware of some of our beliefs, but the majority of our beliefs, those that can have the greatest impact upon us, are held within the lower subconscious mind. They also become entrenched in our cellular memories and our DNA, hidden from our conscious awareness.
We are influenced and conditioned by our parents, siblings, extended families, schools and religion as well as from our genetics and our ancestral DNA. But we do have the ability to own our thoughts and our actions.Theta Healing™ combined with deep soul healing dissolves negative thoughts & habits.The effects of our beliefs.

Beliefs originate from different sources:

  • our genetic line and ancestors
  • in the womb
  • our environment
  • past life experiences



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