Part of me is missing: In this blog I cover what it feels like when part of you is missing and why you feel this way. I also give an example of a client who had this feeling and how I helped her feel whole again to live a life of joy and meaning  At the end of the blog I also give you some useful links if you would like to learn more.

Why do I feel part of me is missing?

When we feel part of us is missing, it is because we have locked it away somewhere, buried out of sight. To recognise that part of ourselves is too fearful for our conscious minds to cope with. That part of ourselves may remind us of a feeling we would rather not remember. Or an incident that left us feeling traumatised. Therefore that missing part has somehow broken away and become disconnected from the rest of us. This leaves us feeling like ‘a part of me is missing’.

So where did it all go wrong?

Perfect form: The beautiful pattern that is unique to each of us

Perfect Puzzle solved finishedI have seen and learnt from the soul healing that I do, that we come into this world as a beautiful pattern that is unique to each one of us. This pattern interlinks our spiritual self with our human self.   I see the pattern like a beautiful jigsaw puzzle where all the pieces of the puzzle represent our whole self. This includes the soul, physical body, our emotions, our thoughts, our habits and behaviours, our experiences, and our infinite mind of which there are many levels.  We are indeed a multi-dimensional being.

That pattern forms a foundation within our human self through which our soul communicates, administers healing and guides us along our journey in our human world.  The soul is an intricate part of that pattern. It’s our link to Source; to our true self. The soul is the heart of all ‘matter’. It is the light within each one of us. It is immensely powerful and can teach us to feel whole, complete and find lasting inner peace along with a knowing that ‘all is well’ and we will never be left alone to stumble in the dark, or wander endlessly through life getting lost – even though at times life may feel like that. .

Emotional distress: Why our pattern can rearrange

Part of me is missing puzzle gapsOur beautiful pattern can and does become rearranged. This occurs when parts of us separate due to emotional trauma and shocks. We can experience emotional distress for a variety of reasons, for example at anytime from being the baby in the womb; throughout childhood and into adulthood.
In these instances, our perfectly formed puzzle pieces separate.

Impact on the nervous systems

The effect of any emotional shock is registered in our nervous system and throughout our physical body. Even organs can become distressed and malfunction if the shock wave that we experience is very frightening and deeply felt. The shock acts like an ‘instant freeze’ where all that we are hearing, feeling, seeing and sensing is registered in the moment of the shock and is stored in our cellular memory.

Because of these emotional shocks, gaps form in our perfect puzzle that weren’t there before. In our ‘instant freeze’ moment we fill these gaps with the fears, doubts and beliefs we heard, felt, saw and sensed at the time of the shock. Instead of acting like glue that keeps our perfect puzzle pieces together, these negative feelings act like a barrier that keeps our perfect puzzle pieces apart.

So these fears, doubts and beliefs we experienced at the time of our trauma are acting as barriers to keeping our perfect jigsaw puzzle pieces together. Our subconscious mind accepts these negative feelings and thoughts we experienced in our ‘instant freeze’ and therefore these gaps, or barriers, are maintained.  If the gaps and barriers are very deep and very large, we begin to feel very disconnected.  Naturally, depression, chronic fatigue, or other forms of breakdown can set in.

However not everyone experiences such physical or mental issues.

Sometimes we just feel as though we are lost or in despair.  Sometimes the feeling of “a part of me is missing” occurs when things are continually going wrong; when we keep making the same mistakes; or when we feel our life just doesn’t seem to have any real purpose.

We start to question “What’s it all about?”; What am I here for?”;  or “What’s the point of all this?”

If we begin to seek deeper answers and don’t find them, it’s because we are not connected to our core self. We are incomplete, disconnected.  That sense of “all is well’ and a knowing that we are always safe and taken care of is missing.

So what’s the answer? How can I help?

When we experience life as a whole being we know exactly where we are, where we are going, and we know that every part of us is travelling in the same direction.

This case study of a client of mine may be of interest to you.

I have been helping a lady who as a child felt unloved and neglected. She was left alone for long periods and was fearful of what might happen to her especially when her mum and dad were having arguments. Her parents continually blamed each other for their financial situation. Their arguments centred around the mother spending too much and the father losing money through failed business ventures.

When I connected into this lady’s feelings in order to dissolve the traumas buried there, I was shown that even as a baby she suffered with severe stomach cramps, brought about by the fearful reaction to her parents arguments. This negative energy was twisting in and around her stomach causing her to writhe in pain. As a baby, she could never settle at night as she didn’t feel safe. This in turn made her mum more angry and feeling tied down.

As an adult, the woman came to hate herself because she was so unhappy and miserable. She had learnt to push that part of herself she hated far away. Over time she forgot all about the hate and that part of herself. It had become energetically dislodged outside of herself. She carried it around of course as it was a part of her and although she couldn’t physically see it, emotionally it became the driver of many decisions and actions that she took. Life would feel ok for a while – things would seem to go along without a hitch, and then life would suddenly take a downward turn. That old feeling like ‘a part of me is missing’ would surface and she would struggle and drive to overcome it. So she would push herself harder, feeling proud at overcoming another obstacle thinking this was the best way of dealing with her inner wounds. Relationships hadn’t really worked out.  Business ventures, while not a failure, weren’t getting the results she really desired. This was partly due to beliefs genetically passed down from her father’s business failings. The older she got the more disillusioned she became and depression crept in.

That’s where she was in her life when she came to see me. So how did I help?

One of the first things we did was a deep repair at her core in order to lay a new foundation based on her true self, that she had never known. This was to ensure that all the parts of her that were once afraid, now began to feel safe. It was important that she trust in the inner transformation that was taking place.

She began healing from the inside out and bringing out her real, authentic, unafraid self who deeply believed in who she was. She began trusting in her feelings, thoughts and decisions, so she could now create the life she really desired and which she so deserved. Her inner defences and ‘instant freezes’ slowly dissolved allowing her light to shine brightly into all of her thoughts. These thoughts were now created from a sense of wholeness and inner peace.

Anxiety free naturally Inner peace Now the wonderful magical thing that happens when we heal through the soul, is we are shown a way out of our pain. A complete re-integration and reconnection to our true self can take place gently and lovingly.

If there is a part of you that is in pain, why not contact me by booking your free Breakthrough Session where I will show you how to completely transform your life in the most beautiful way.

Do you feel that a ‘Part of me is missing’?

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