Why Having A Theme Can Really Turn Your Life Around

Setting a theme is a powerful way in which to bring positive changes into your life. It sets the overall directio in which you want your life to go. It differs from making resolutions as it creates an overarching theme and is single focussed setting the scene, as it where, for your year. Resolutions, I prefer to set intentions (to me they are far more powerful), are more diverse relating to many aspects of your life and business.  Having a theme  helps to ‘marshall’ your resolutions in the same overall direction making them collectively more powerful and able to manifest what you are intending.

My overall theme last year was to step outside my comfort zone, especially  in situations where I would normally hold back or hide.  The year before was to overcome my biggest fear. I had set my intentions for last year, of which there were a few, but setting a theme spurred me on and reminded me to keep stepping out of the circle of comfort and put my hand up to say “yes”.  And it worked really well. This year I have decided to stretch it even further.

By having a theme can give you something to identify with


What you want to achieve overall during the year. You can still create individual intentions  that concentrate on different aspects of your life. For example:

  • Relationships: Your intention maybe to improve your immediate relationships, repair a relationship, feel heard and listened to, come out of a controlling relationship.
  • Wealth: Your intention could be to increase your earnings 50% or increase your fees by creating new programs, teaching live workshops or holding retreats or get that promotion you always wanted
  • Emotional liberation: no more anxiety, struggle or doubt
  • Balance and harmony betwteen your love life and your professional life: being your true independent self and being successful in both love and career

But by setting a theme you are creating the driver that moves you along your path. It will become the centre of your thinking and hence flow from your centre, into all your thoughts and actions maintaining an active connection between your mind, your soul and your life.

We are at the centre of our own world for everything spawns from us. When you create a theme that comes from your heart, one which you have spent time reflecting on, subsequent actions are in alinement  with your heart.  Your actions become heart driven.  Creating from your heart, that part of you that is your divine spark of life, your soul is creating from the greatest place of all.  The soul is the conduit through which God, the Universe, flows. Nothing will be denied you and your future will flow toward you without struggle.

Keeping it simple means more powerful a theme

Your chosen theme  can be one word or just a few like, Prosperity, Breaking Free from Limitations, Unleash  My full Potential, Success, Take Action, Get Organised, Motivation….

Working with your theme each day, keeping it alive and moving your life forward is not difficult to do.  Here are some ways to work with your theme, setting the scene for each new day:-

  • Use it as a mantra and repeat it often through the day
  • Take a few moments each day as little as 10 seconds will have an affect, by imagining your theme integrated throughout your life, imagining the outcomes and changes taking place
  • Meditate on your theme asking your soul or the universe, if you feel more comfortable asking the universe, to show you and teach you how to heal any blocks that are in your way. And ask for support in integrating your theme into  every decision and in every aspect of your life.
  • Draw up an imaginary circle, imagine it filled with your theme, a symbol or image will come to you. Then physically step into it. Connect with the energy/image of your theme breathing it in through your feet up to the top of your head, then letting it flow all through your body.
  • Sit quietly for a few minutes and see your day flow easily along with your theme leading you forward, dissolving all barriers, fears or doubts

Two to three times per week  journal your thoughts and feelings around your theme. Reflect on how things are changing; how you are changing;  insights that you receive;  the progress you are making.  As you pay more loving attention to your thoughts and actions, so you  set yourself up for success in 2016.

Make it a part of your daily life  and you won’t lose sight of what is important to you; of what your heart desires and what is going to transform your life.  As you further identify with your theme you, forming a healthy relationship with it the essence flows out into your life opening up your path, bringing direction and guiding you to success. You can set a theme even when you have or have not, decided on specific intentions for the year.

If you would also like help in setting powerful intentions  to change the course of your life then why not download my free guide: “Wave Goodbye To Intention Deficit Disorder” and put power and focus into your daily thoughts.

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