Why it’s important to heal our feelings

Sometimes in life, difficult circumstances and events can seem to just keep happening, over and over again


You might even think that you’ve analysed ‘why’ these things happen; and put steps in place to stop them happening again – but somehow, you find yourself in the same situation all over again. Like when your new partner actually ends up showing similar traits / creating a similar dynamic to your old partner – who you left, because it was not healthy.


‘Why is that?’ you wonder to yourself.

The true reason is that our reality reflects the desires and fears we hold deep within ourselves. The more fervently we fear or desire something, the more it will manifest into our real life. 

So if we have truly positive, excited feelings about something in our life, these positive events will manifest. 

The same is true, however, for negative emotions and fears. Especially if we fear something deeply, it is likely to quickly manifest in our lives.

Because we are complicated human beings, sometimes we don’t even remember the circumstances or events that gave us our fears. Perhaps we have buried these feelings because we no longer wish to confront the pain that they caused. When we are not aware of these negative feelings on a conscious level, we are not aware that is our own self who is creating the negative situations in our lives. 

If  we wish to truly stop a negative cycle or rut in our lives; it is therefore critical that we are able to heal the deep rooted fears and replace these with positive experiences or visions of how we want our life to be.

And I can tell you’re thinking ‘how am I supposed to heal something I don’t even know is there?!’  Well – you know it’s there if you are experiencing negative people / a negative situation in your life over and over again – like there is a pattern but you just can’t stop it. 


Have you considered how your thoughts affect your chance of a deeply loving healthy relationship?

Perhaps in your relationships, you continually choose the wrong person; or make the same mistakes in your current relationship causing it to flounder. Or the same old fears crop up when you think about attracting your ideal partner. So instead of opening up your heart to embrace that deep desire, you hold back through doubt, telling yourself it will never happen,   

It is one thing to recognise the negative pattern, but if you don’t heal the root cause that is creating this pattern in your life, it will keep repeating itself until you do.

Once you heal the root cause…

you are free to experience a wholeosme healthy soul connected relationship, where all of you is completely involved,  with not one part of you raising doubt or causing mayhem. 

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