Theta Healing Gold Coast 2When you are conflict with someone, it can sometimes be very difficult to put your emotions aside.  Many people find themselves, unconsciously reacting to situations from buried emotions that can be triggered due to a certain situation that has arisen, and which is now causing conflict.  Whether the conflict is within the family, in a personal relationship or with a work colleague, if you are reacting with negative thoughts or emotionally charged behaviour take a truthful look at your feelings. Assess them with honesty.  Go within to see if your reaction is a conditioned response surfacing from a non related past event, causing a deeper emotion to surface and clouding your thoughts.

If you find this to be so, then put that emotional reaction to one side and take a fresh look at the situation to ascertain if the conflict still exists, or if the conflict really is no more than just a difference of opinion.  If the answer to this is a yes, at least you can view the conflict with a more open mind and in isolation. You are no longer being influenced or swayed by unresolved issues.  Then you can truly listen and respond with respect to the other person or persons involved.

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